December 20, 2017

New in-house salmonella testing solution for produce processors

CERTUS has expanded its rapid food pathogen detection menu with an environmental salmonella assay. The new CERTUS salmonella test will use the same proprietary Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) technology and instrument platform as the company’s CERTUS Etest for listeria, which is due to launch in early 2018. End-use benefits will similarly include extremely simple workflow, on-site testing capabilities, real-time growth monitoring, immediate alerts upon detection and bio-containment for the safety of the food processor and consumer.

As with the CERTUS Etest, the CERTUS salmonella assay is being designed to run in a single enrichment media, homogeneous no wash format. This means that no sample manipulation is required and that the assay tube never has to be opened once the sampling swab is inserted. The assay will be delivered in a Bio-Lock tube/cap design that cannot be opened after enrichment begins thus securing the environment from accidental contamination. CERTUS said this feature, combined with the target time-to-result goal of less than 24 hours, enables food producers to move testing on-site for significantly faster results.

Reagent research and development is being conducted in collaboration with CERTUS research partner Solus Scientific, a UK-based food pathogen assay developer. Solus Scientific is the developer and manufacturer of their own enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for listeria, salmonella and E. coli, which is designed for large volume sample processing. Solus is also the assay development partner for the CERTUS Eassay used in the CERTUS System which is currently seeking AOAC validation.


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