June 6, 2012

New FDA questionnaire gathers more data on contaminated foods

The U.S. FDA has introduced a new questionnaire to its Reportable Food Registry (RFR) to enhance information gathering in instances when consumption of specific foods might be a threat to public health.

The RFR is an electronic portal to which the food industry must, and public health officials may, report when they have information about a food that will cause serious health consequences to humans or animals. By gathering and analyzing the additional data, FDA will improve its ability to track patterns of adulteration in human food and animal feed.

The questionnaire asks for details including why the food was determined to be reportable, status of any recalls, other actions taken, dates the product was manufactured and other relevant data.

The new questionnaire is currently voluntary, but FDA says completion will be mandatory later this year.

The electronic portal for the RFR is located at www.SafetyReporting.hhs.gov.



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