May 20, 2024

New 120,000-square-foot cold storage facility planned in Louisiana

Ti Cold and Agile Cold Storage are partnering to build a new 120,00-square-foot cold storage complex in Pearl River, Louisiana.

The 50-foot facility will be located at the 130-year-old St. Joe’s Brick Works site, according to a news release, and feature a flexible, convertible design to maintain temperatures ranging from 40° F to minus-10° F.

“Members of the food industry around New Orleans are going to benefit greatly from Agile and the facility we’re building them,” Sam Tippmann, Ti Cold president, said in the release.

A rendering of a large, white facility
A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held last April for Ti Cold and Agile Cold Storage’s facility in Georgia. Rendering courtesy of Ti Cold.

The two companies previously teamed up on a state-of-the-art cold storage complex in Macon, Georgia. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held last April.

Construction will begin this month on the Louisiana facility, which is expected to be online by the first quarter of 2025, according to the release. The complex will use a low-charge ammonia system that uses natural, environmentally friendly refrigerant in low volumes.

Structural steel pallet racks will accommodate more than 16,500 pallet positions, according to the release.

“From the bayous to the bustling cities, our new warehouse in Louisiana is not just bricks and steel,” Don Schoenl, Agile Cold Storage president and CEO, said. “It’s a testament to our growth and dedication to serving this incredible region with efficiency and pride.”

The multi-temperature Georgia facility was also developed with a focus on energy efficiency, advanced warehouse management and value-added services to refrigerated and frozen food providers, according to a news release.

The complex, with easy access to interstates 16 and 75 and the Port of Savannah, includes a 215,100-square-foot, 50-foot building and holds 33,666 pallet positions.

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