August 9, 2022

NatureSweet debuts to-go packaging for tomatoes

NatureSweet, producer of snacking tomatoes, has introduced new palm-sized packaging that includes washed and ready-to-eat cherub tomatoes.

The small packaging can fit into lunchboxes, backpacks and handbags says the company.  The healthy “grab and go” snack for kids or adults comes at a great time, as teachers and students begin the new school year.”  NatureSweet tomato packaging

Inside each to-go snack pack is a handful of sweet tomatoes, protected by crush-resistant packaging. The breathable lid allows tomatoes to stay fresh longer and retain their natural freshness.

These to-go packs are available in a single portion package or in a set of three to share with family and friends. NatureSweet Cherubs and Constellation To Go packs offer people with busy lifestyles a healthy and delicious alternative.

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