March 4, 2019

Music-inspired potato chips from Frito-Lay ‘turn up the flavor’

Frito-Lay’s latest campaign involves three music-inspired flavor infusions of potato chips.

“Turn Up The Flavor” includes three limited-time-only flavors with themes for rock, hip-hop and pop music genres. The campaign, which includes contests and promotions for artist Bebe Rexha, includes the flavors of:

  • Electric Lime and Sea Salt — “Energetic and upbeat like the fun-filled melodies and lyrics of Pop Music that you can’t help but keep on repeat.”
  • Flamin’ Hot and Dill Pickle — “There’s no arguing that if hip-hop was a flavor, it would be Flamin’ Hot! The harmony of distinct beats and spicy lyrics create the same alluring experience as uniting two fiercely loved flavors – Lay’s Flamin’ Hot and Dill Pickle. Bringing two powerhouses together to create perfect harmony, rapper and songwriter Saweetie drops a guest verse in Bebe’s hip-hop remix that takes the heat to the next level.”
  • Kettle Cooked Classic Beer Cheese — “A bold, exciting flavor that matches the incredible feeling you get listening to rock music as the lead singer’s vocals lead into the first riff of the power chords and you anxiously await the band to take it to the next level.”

Frito-Lay Director of Marketing Katie Ceclan said the company chose music because of the emotional connection it has with people.

“Like flavor, music has the power to elicit strong emotions such as joy, passion and nostalgia,” Ceclan said in a press release. “Those emotions can be heightened even further when you pair the right flavor and music together — and that’s exactly what we sought to do with the ‘Turn Up the Flavor’ program.”

The new flavors were available to retailers starting March 4. The campaign and contests conclude April 26.


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