November 26, 2018

Munson Machinery releases new de-clumper rotary product

A new model RDC-2424-MS De-Clumper Rotary Lump Breaker from Munson Machinery breaks chunks of agglomerated abrasive or friable materials that have compacted during storage or shipment, conditioning them for downstream processing or conveying.

Material entering the 24-inch (610 mm) square inlet is reduced in size by dual rotors with three-point, single-piece, AR-235 abrasion-resistant steel breaking heads rotating with minimum clearance above a curved, perforated bedscreen.

On-size material exits through 1-inch diameter (25.4 mm) apertures in the bedscreen. Other bedscreens are available with apertures ranging from 1/32 to 2-1/2 inches (25 to 64 mm) in diameter.

Powered by a 7.5 HP (5.6 kW) motor with gear reducer and a rugged chain and sprocket drive, the synchronized shafts rotate at approximately 120 RPM, offering high throughput rates with minimal heat generation. A side mounted bedscreen can be rapidly removed for cleaning, replacement or maintenance.

The compact, low-profile design allows inline placement in restricted spaces between upstream and downstream processing, packaging or bulk storage equipment. With an optional feed hopper and support structure, it can also operate as a stand-alone unit.

The unit is recommended for breaking lumps in product flows of bulk materials such as cement powders, sodium or calcium carbonates, fertilizers and bulk chemicals of all types.

According to the manufacturer, it is built to withstand heavy usage and is simple to maintain; bearings can be lubricated through external fittings and are isolated from the product processing area with air purged shaft seals.

It is also offered in 304/316 stainless steel finished to sanitary standards for food, dairy, pharmaceutical or industrial applications.

Munson also manufactures higher capacity models with square or rectangular inlet openings up to 48 inches and up to four rotors driven by motors up to 40 HP.


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