November 21, 2022

MULTIVAC introduces more efficient pouch loader

MULTIVAC has introduced a new pouch loader that the company says increases efficiency and cuts labor costs in packaging processes on belted chambers.

MULTIVAC’s new Pouch Loader and Pouch Rack enables an average of 40% cost reduction in labor, according to the company. Photo:Provided

When packaging products on belted chamber equipment, the filling of the film pouches and the loading of the machines often create a bottleneck. This work is usually carried out manually and requires labor-intensive product handling. Five people have typically been required to ensure full production capacity — three to fill the film pouches with product and two to load the chamber belt machine.

With the new MULTIVAC Pouch Loader and Pouch Rack, the loading of the chamber belt machine is performed semi-automatically, enabling an average of 40% cost reduction in labor required to load product. The pouch loader can also eliminate the need for employees to physically lift up to 10 tons of product when compared to the manual loading process.

MULTIVAC, based in Kansas City, Missouri, is a global provider of food packaging products in industries including life science, health care and industrial applications.

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