February 19, 2017

McCall Farms uses “see-thru” cans for new line

McCall Farms has introduced a new brand of ready-to-eat vegetables in a see-thru can. New Glory Farms slow-cooked vegetables were introduced exclusively in more than 400 Harris Teeter and Ingles grocery stores in the Southeast and mid-Atlantic states for the holidays. McCall Farms claims they are a huge hit.

“Our new see-thru can is the most notable innovation in canned vegetables since canning was invented in the early 1800’s,” said Woody Swink, senior vice president of sales and marketing at McCall Farms. “Consumer testing was tremendous and the response at retail has been terrific. Being able to see the vegetables says ‘fresh’ but also gives consumers a sense of trust because they can see what they are buying.” The TruVue plastic can was developed by another South Carolina company, Sonoco Products.

“The seven varieties of new Glory Farms vegetables use a unique, slow-cooked process that takes three times longer than the normal canned vegetables cooking process. Cooking slower and at lower temperatures locks-in the flavors of the vegetables and the new pop-top can adds convenience to prepare delicious meals and side dishes,” the company stated.