May 12, 2022

International Association for Food Protection welcomes Manpreet Singh

Members of the International Association for Food Protection elected Manpreet Singh to the Executive Board as secretary. Singh will take office at the conclusion of IAFP 2022 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and will fulfill a five-year commitment to the association, serving as president beginning in July 2025.

Singh is a professor and department head for the Department of Food Science and Technology at the University of Georgia. His research has focused on the persistence, prevalence and transmission of foodborne pathogens in food processing environments; development and validation of strategies to improve microbial safety of foods; and antimicrobial resistance of foodborne pathogens associated with food animals, specifically poultry. Singh’s Extension program includes teaching processing programs related to FSMA, HACCP, seafood and validation and verification programs. His current research activities involve international development, specifically in Senegal, focused on the dairy value chain as part of the USAID Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Food Safety.

Singh joined IAFP in 2001 and has organized, convened and presented IAFP symposia at several annual meetings. His association involvement includes serving on the Food Protection Trends (FPT) Management Committee; the JFP Editorial Board, and the IAFP Program Committee, serving as its chair for the 2020 virtual annual meeting. He received the President’s Recognition Award in 2013 for his service on the FPT Management Committee. He is a member of several IAFP PDGs and has been a member of many IAFP affiliates throughout his career, including the Indian Association for Food Protection in North America, which he co-founded and served as treasurer for two years.

Singh holds a bachelor’s in Agricultural Sciences with a specialization in Food Technology from Punjab Agricultural University in India. He has a master’s from Kansas State University and a Ph.D. from Iowa State University.

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