October 27, 2015

Inteligistics debuts shelf life, gap analysis products

Inteligistics, a provider of temperature visibility and food safety solutions for the fresh produce industry, unveiled two innovative offerings at the 2015 Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit Convention and Expo.

InteliLife Predictive Shelf Life model is a scientifically-based tool that extends and analytically confirms shelf life of food products at any stage during the active food distribution chain.

The result of collaboration with leading food quality experts, InteliLife Predictive Shelf Life model effectively analyzes alternative scenarios to manage sales and inventory based on estimated quality and remaining shelf life at any juncture in the distribution chain, according to the company. The tool combines kinetic data of changes in quality attributes with accurate measurement of environmental conditions – time, temperature and humidity – and handling methods. The kinetic data provides the necessary mathematical coefficients to develop a reliable predictive model.

According to Inteligistics Chairman and CEO Rao Mandava, “This innovative predictive model enables inventory managers and stakeholders in the distribution chain to quantify the impact of temperature excursions on the product’s quality and shelf life, providing critical management inputs.” The InteliLife Predictive Shelf Life approach benefits growers, shippers and retailers by providing a reliable means to minimize losses due to spoilage, shrink and use-by dates.

“In addition, the predictive shelf life model from Inteligistics promotes the ability to develop an inventory policy that enhances consistency in the quality of perishable foods, provides actionable information and helps users achieve greater revenues by gaining a larger percentage of saleable products,” Mandava said.

A second capability launched by Inteligistics is its unique food safety Inteligistics Gap Analysis Capability that translates the new Hazard Analysis Risk-based Preventive Controls (HARPC) required in 2016 by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) into a comprehensive and highly detailed gap analysis package.

“Under the 2016 FSMA rules, an effective HACCP Plan is a thing of the past,” Inteligistics Board Advisor and industry food safety expert, Michael McCartney, said. “The new paradigm created by FSMA’s HARPC requirement demands that food companies demonstrate, address and verify an unprecedented set of risk-based controls across the supply chain.”

The Inteligistics Gap Analysis Capability is uniquely designed to identify, document and provide direction for compliance from the field through the entire food supply chain. The pertinent food safety information is collected in Inteli-Cloud and can be made available in the event of a food safety internal or external audit or by mobile device.

For more information, contact [email protected], call (412) 826-0397 or visit the company’s website.

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