March 7, 2018

High pressure processing plant to open in Ohio

Hydrofresh HPP, an affiliate of Keller Logistics Group, is constructing a $10 million pasteurization plant slated for opening in April 2018 in Delphos, Ohio, that uses innovative high-pressure processing (HPP) technology.

Unlike the traditional pasteurization method, which uses heat prior to packaging to eliminate micro bacteria that are present in food, Hydrofresh HPP uses cold pasteurization in which products already sealed in their final packaging are placed in a vessel and subjected to a high level of isostatic water pressure, up to 87,000 psi. The company said this process produces a 5-log reduction in salmonella, E. coli and listeria while preserving the color, texture, nutrients and flavor of the product.

Hydrofresh also said that since food is treated in its final packaging, the chance for recontamination is virtually non-existent and that shelf life is also extended because the bacteria that cause spoilage is destroyed. Products that use this technology include refrigerated dips, natural lunch meats, cold pressed juices, deli salads and various other natural products.

“This will be the only HPP tolling facility in this part of the country and we are already experiencing tremendous demand for our services,” said Hydrofresh HPP president Don Klausing.

HPP equipment is currently being installed in the 36,000-square foot refrigerated warehouse for storage and production. Primarily serving the needs of two food processors, the plant will initially run one shift with one machine and approximately 12 employees. As business increases, the company will add additional machines and shifts to employ up to 55 employees. Upon completion, the plant will be able to process 60 million pounds of product per year.


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