June 3, 2014

Heat and Control introduces CEIA MS-21

CEIA MS-21 Multi-Spectrum metal detectors increase inspection productivity by eliminating the waste and delay of false rejects, according to Heat and Control. With no reduction in sensitivity, CEIA’s proprietary Multi-Spectrum technology detects the smallest-possible particles of all types of metal, including Type-316 stainless steel. 

CEIA uses a simultaneous and continuous spectrum of frequencies to accurately differentiate between metal contaminants and product effect conditions without reducing metal detection sensitivity, the company said. This prevents product effect errors for difficult-to-inspect products like fresh spinach, ready-to-eat salads and fruit mixes.

Built for wet operating environments, CEIA 21-Series metal detectors are IP69K-rated for superior wash down protection, and feature conformal coated circuit boards for resistance to internal condensation.  

Standard features include a single-button preview of detection settings, such as sensitivity level and estimated detection size of ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel metals. Bluetooth connectivity for programming and data collection without physically accessing the detector’s interior, Ethernet connection capability, username/password access for multiple users, compliance with HACCP and FDA Title 21 CFR 11 for traceable inspection event recording and reporting.

CEIA also builds single and three-frequency metal detectors for falling, pumped, and conveyed products. For a CEIA demonstration, please contact Heat and Control by email at [email protected].         

Heat and Control plans to offer a sneak peek of the CEIA MS-21 and a variety of others tools at United Fresh 2014. Visit booth #1661 for more information. 

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