August 12, 2014

Fresh-cut products workshop offers cutting-edge content

University of California, Davis Postharvest Technology Center’s 19th annual Fresh Cut Products: Maintaining Quality and Safety Workshop will be held at the Buehler Alumni and Visitor's Center from September 23-25.

Fresh-cut standards have become increasingly rigorous as consumers demand high quality, fresh, nutritious, safe, and long lasting produce. A group of specialists will provide cutting-edge information that allows workshop participants to achieve this goal of providing high quality fruits and vegetables.

Organized by Dr. Marita Cantwell, this three-day workshop offers lectures, demonstrations, and discussions for food professionals in aspects of production, processing, packaging, distribution, and quality assurance of fresh-cut products. Some specific topics include consumer perception of product quality and safety, physiology and biochemistry of fresh-cut products, nutritional composition of fresh-cut products, temperature management, and more. Additionally, participants will gain working knowledge of time-honored and new procedures in the fresh-cut industry, according to UC Davis. The workshop features discussions on microbial food safety, sensory evaluation, and the effects of temperatures and modified atmospheres on fresh-cut fruit and vegetable quality.

In order to ensure an optimal learning environment, this course is limited to 60 participants. Registration information is available on UC Davis’ website

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