April 25, 2022

Food Processing Suppliers Association members elect new officers, board

The Food Processing Suppliers Association held its Annual Meeting on March 23rd, and in addition to its normal business, members elected the new FPSA Board of Directors and Executive Committee.

Making up the Executive Committee are:

  • Brian Perkins, president at Provisur Technologies Inc., who will serve as chairman
  • Matt Malott, president/CEO of Multivac, Inc., who will serve as immediate past chairman and chairman of the Membership Committee
  • Bob Campbell, president and general manager of Marlen, who will serve as chairman of the Show Committee;
  • and Erik Brainard, president of Anritsu Infivis Inc, who will serve as treasurer;
  • Jarrod McCarroll, president and CEO of Weber, Inc., who will serve as Chairman of the FPSA Foundation
  • Tom Kittle, president of Handtmann Inc. and Handtmann Canada Limited, who will serve as chairman of FIT, Inc.
  • and Gil Williams, president, USA & Canada, of Poly-clip System, who will serve in an at-large position and as an advisor to FIT, Inc.

“I am honored to have been elected Chairman of FPSA,” said Chairman Perkins in a news release. “Since becoming involved in the Association, I have witnessed the outstanding leadership that has guided this fine organization and I am humbled to have been considered for this tremendous opportunity. I look forward to collaborating with the Executive Committee and Board as it brings together some of the best and brightest minds from all corners of the food and beverage industry to represent both suppliers and processors and helping to guide FPSA and continue creating new business for fellow members and our customers.”

For more information on the Food Processing Suppliers Association, visit www.fpsa.org or contact David Seckman ([email protected]), president and CEO of FPSA.

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