July 13, 2022

Fair Earth Farms introduces salad products packaged in plant-based, fully compostable bags

Boskovich Fresh Food Group’s subsidiary Fresh Prep, LLC has launched Fair Earth Farms with six SKUs. This is the first in its category to package organic salad kits and salad blends in plant-based, fully compostable bags and printed using water-based inks that will break down into organic soil (the compostable packaging is patent pending). 

The dedicated family of growers from California with over 100 years of experience, Boskovich Fresh Food Group is known for its multi-generational knowledge and commitment to sustainable farming practices, its food safety excellence and consistent product quality. Fair Earth Farms is the next chapter for the company focusing on fresh produce coupled with a renewed commitment to sustainable innovation within the category.

The compostable, plant-based bags will break down into the earth’s soil over time, contributing to farming’s regenerative cycle and providing a solution to the current plastic crisis.

The USDA-certified organic Fair Earth Farms line includes two salad kit flavors: Superfood Crunch and Honey Coconut Cashew; and four salad greens blends: Baby Spinach, Baby Arugula, Spring Mix and Power Greens.

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