September 7, 2022

Triangle’s VFFS bagger to debut with enhancements

Triangle Package Machinery will be showcasing the latest enhancements to its Delta VFFS bagger at this year’s PACK EXPO International, including rotatable jaw and zipper tape capabilities.

The next-generation Delta Series VFFS was built with food safety in mind. With Delta, zipper packaging is simpler and more sanitary for protein, produce and frozen food processors, the company said. The machine allows bulky foods to be easily packaged in bags that fully open while ensuring food safety.

Triangle Delta Zipper Bagger

Having the “mouth” of the package fully open across the entire width of the bag allows for easy access to the contents inside. Those contents can include bulky foods such as large chicken parts, fresh produce such as baby carrots or even products such as sugar. The wide opening allows consumers the option of either pouring these products out of the bag, sticking their hand in to access the product or even inserting a scoop inside the bag (for products such as sugar and other powdery substances).

Quick-change jaws offer ultimate versatility and simplify the user experience. The latest enhancements to the platform include a rotatable jaw, allowing for the creation of 3-side seal packages, as well as the ability to utilize zipper tape. For processors or contract packagers that need to change package styles, quick-change sealing jaws and a rotatable jaw carriage allow conversion from 3-side bags back to pillow in under 10 minutes. An optional centerlining system allows for fast, color-coded adjustments, further making changeovers quick and easy.

The Delta was designed with the sanitary needs of food processors in mind. With a solid round bar stock, sanitary welds and washdown-rated electronics, sanitation is made simple. Additional standard features include Smart IO technology, a pivoting control box for full machine access and a quick-change 16-sided forming tube. To further enhance the user experience, the Delta is designed, manufactured, serviced and supported in the USA at the company’s Chicago, IL headquarters, where parts are available to order on-demand.


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