June 28, 2018

Emerson launches reusable GO Real-Time Tracker

At the recently-concluded United Fresh show in Chicago, Emerson officially launched its GO Real-Time Reusable Tracker. This new version of the GO Real-Time Tracker allows customers to recharge and reuse the device. It is suitable for use in scenarios where customers own their own trucks and/or control both the start and end point of a shipment.

“We can significantly reduce the cost of real-time tracking for predictable, round trip delivery scenarios where the device can be easily retrieved with this multi-use model,” said Frank Landwehr, vice president and general manager of cargo solutions for Emerson. “This reusable option complements our existing line of single-use GO Real-Time Trackers, demonstrating Emerson’s commitment to provide our customers a complete line of cold chain monitoring solutions for any scenario.”

The GO Real-Time Reusable Tracker is available now. Customers can continue to leverage the online Oversight dashboard or Oversight Mobile app to manage all shipments from start to finish. To download the app or for more information on end-to-end cold chain monitoring solutions, visit emerson.com/cargo.


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