July 21, 2016

Dynamic Systems launches new produce traceability software

Dynamic Systems has launched the new SIMBA software. The PTI Labeling System is designed to provide cranberry processors the ability to conform to GS-1 Standards, according to the company. The system is intended for growers, packers, shippers, and cold storage and features software, labels, and scanners.

Photo: Dynamic Systems
Photo: Dynamic System

The SIMBA system reproduces your pen and paper production data collection, according to Dynamic System. The system works on the plant floor in real-time, including tracking re-boxing and commingling; providing audit reports; printing PTI-compliant case and pallet labels; using barcode to track shipping. SIMBA can work independently or can connect with your accounting or ERP System, according to the company.

Key results from implementing the SIMBA software include increased production speed; the ability to get accurate production reports in near real-time; fulfill traceability requirements; have accurate inventory; professional looking carton and pallet labels, and expedited van loading, Dynamic Systems said.

For more information, visit the Dynamic Systems website