July 31, 2017

Dynamic Systems issues update for SIMBA software

Dynamic Systems has issued upgrades to the SIMBA Touchscreen and Tablet to provide faster processing at receiving. SIMBA gives the processor the ability to record, label and track their products faster and more accurately while including numerous data points. Grower/Packer/Shippers will save time and reduce errors by using the SIMBA Production data entry method, according to the company.

SIMBA uses an automated process to track the produce through each stage, from receiving to shipping. The SIMBA system runs on tablets or touch screen computers and collects multiple points of data including such details as product type, harvest date, grade, and so on. The software is able to collect lot or batch numbers and maintain traceability from receiving through packaging and shipping. Users enter product details with the new SIMBA Production touchscreen. Once a Lot has been identified and the attributes recorded, there is no need to re-enter that information later in the process.

SIMBA prints product labels at any pack line with all pertinent information (including a GS-1 code). The system can store unlimited label formats and switches from one to another with the press of a button. This feature makes it easy to provide each end customer their own unique label format. SIMBA is able to interface to scales and automatic label applicators.

The label information is stored in the SIMBA Office inventory, which provides data for inventory management, traceability and shipping. The cartons may be accumulated onto a pallet and tracked with a single pallet identifier.

At the time of shipping, the van loading feature of SIMBA tracks each carton or pallet onto a specific van. A bill of lading is then produced automatically.

See more traceability and labeling software for produce at http://dynamic-systemsinc.com/software/produce.

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