April 22, 2021

Duda Farm Fresh Foods establishes sustainable packaging program

Duda Farm Fresh Foods has established sustainable packaging program to outline goals and look for new opportunities to reduce packaging’s impact on the environment.

The program strives to streamline current packaging systems, increase consistency across the organization and reduce the amount of packaging materials used while maintaining high standards of food safety, product quality, freshness and shelf life.

“We see these new initiatives as an opportunity to support our customers, retailers and foodservice partners in meeting their own sustainability goals,” said Nichole Towell, senior director of marketing and packaging procurement, through a press release. “We’ve set some ambitious but achievable targets to work towards over the next five years, and look forward to sharing progress with the industry along the way.”

By 2025, Duda Farm Fresh Foods aims to “achieve 90% recyclable, reusable, or industrial compostable primary packaging. Achieve an average of 20% recycled content in primary packaging.”

In addition to the Sustainable Packaging Program, Duda Farm Fresh Foods continues to invest in its people through the recent opening of its seasonal employee housing in Greenfield, California. The company has partnered with Avila Construction and Elkhorn Packing to bring a vaccination clinic directly to the housing site as well.

“The opening of this new housing facility is another way we’re becoming a more well-rounded sustainable company,” said Sammy Duda, president, Duda Farm Fresh Foods. “We’re working hard to embody the three P’s of sustainability: People, Profit and Planet. We value our people, so it is important to us to continue to make investments that support our employees, including this new housing.”

Duda Farm Fresh Foods produces conventional and organic vegetables, leafy greens and citrus.

The company also recently launched the Dandygram, a bi-weekly market update to keep its customers informed about crop conditions, product availability and market insights. To sign-up, visit trade.dudafresh.com/dandygram-signup.


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