October 25, 2017

Donaldson introduces next-generation sterile air filters

Donaldson Company has introduced its next generation of sterile air filters with its new P-SRF line. These filters are designed to lower production costs while improving the purity of air used in product processing and packaging.

The advanced technology of Donaldson’s new P-SRF filters lowers production costs while improving the purity of air used in product processing and packaging. (Photo: Donaldson Company)

The P-SRF filter line includes two new variations: P-SRF V, a borosilicate depth media suitable for final filtration of processes and venting applications; and P-SRF X, a pleated PTFE final membrane filter in a strong stainless-steel housing designed for extreme conditions and temperatures.

Both filters deliver the following features:

  • A log reduction value of 7 or greater for bacteria, viruses and particles (down to 3 nanometers) to improve product and process integrity.
  • Mechanical stability and temperature resistance up to 392 degrees F (200degrees C).
  • Extended life and reliability under extreme conditions, including vapor phase hydrogen peroxide and ozone sterilization—up to 150 cycles for the P-SRF V and 200 cycles for the P-SRF X.
  • De-wetting characteristics for faster filter drying times intended to minimize the downtime needed for clean-in-place and sterilization-in-place cleaning.

The P-SRF V will replace the current P-SRF N filter elements from Donaldson, while P-SRF X is an all-new PTFE membrane filter element with proprietary media and a protective stainless-steel cage housing for extreme conditions.

All P-SRF filter elements comply with FDA CFR Title 21 as well as the European Food Contact Regulation EC/1935/2004.

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