March 12, 2018

Dole launches new Dole Slawesome! Kits line

Dole Food Company is launching what it said is the industry’s first line of seasoned coleslaw kits with a flavor punch that can move the classic cabbage-based side dish to the center of the plate.

DOLE Slawesome! kits ship nationally in April with four initial SKUs – sweet apple, mango sriracha, fiesta lime and smoky BBQ. Each kit combines a mix of shredded Dole mixed cabbages and carrots with an original Dole dressing and an instant-seasoning pack to create a fresh-made taste and experience every time.

Individual kits include:

  • Sweet Apple: Dole mixed cabbages and carrots topped with Dole’s creamy apple dressing and lemon parsley seasoning.
  • Mango Sriracha: Dole mixed cabbages and carrots topped with Dole’s mango sriracha dressing and toasted sesame seed seasoning.
  • Fiesta Lime: Dole mixed cabbages and carrots topped with Dole’s fiesta lime vinaigrette dressing and herb seasoning.
  • DOLE Smoky BBQ: Dole mixed cabbages and carrots topped with Dole’s BBQ dressing and BBQ seasoning.

According to Lisa Overman, Dole director of marketing, the new DOLE Slawesome! kits give retail produce managers the chance to expand their already-popular Dole salad kit and coleslaw sets with on-trend new products supported by national web, social, PR and blogger/influencer programs. DOLE Slawesome! Kits offer the opportunity to add additional complementary sales around add-ins like proteins and sandwiches. All four kits are also an excellent source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

The kits will arrive in stores in early May, in time for early-summer entertaining and meal-planning, for the suggested retail price (SRP) of $2.99, equivalent to Dole’s other salad kits.

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