July 10, 2023

Denver moving to all-online processing of food licenses

Beginning next week, all food licenses in Denver will only be processed online through the city’s permitting and licensing center.

After July 20, any current license holder who is renewing their license must apply for a new license, as the online system will not have a record of their current license, according to the city’s government website. During the transition, the one-time application fee for new applications will be waived for existing licenses, though a license fee will still apply.

Licenses are required for retail operations that store, prepare, package or provide food for sale for human consumption directly or through a delivery service, according to the city. Food can be consumed on or off the premises.

Depending how food is packaged or prepared, there are five classes of retail food licenses:

  • Produce, other bulk and unpackaged foods
  • Milk, dairy products, processed prepackaged meats and fish
  • Fresh meats and fish
  • Bakery/deli
  • Multiuse — allows two or more other retail food classes, plus seating

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