July 28, 2021

Crunch Pak freshens up brand, categorizes products

Crunch Pak, the sliced apples specialist, is reinventing the look of the healthy fresh snacking category and creating a solution destination for shoppers at the same time.

“We looked at the definition of our brand, what our products are used for and how could we make it easy for the shopper to understand our offerings overall,” said Ozgur Koc, senior vice president, new business and product development.

As a result, the company redesigned the packaging for 30 SKUs and divided its product line into four categories: Fun (Dipperz); Quick energy (Medley); Mini-meal replacement (Snacker); and Meal solution (Café).

The packaging and supporting planograms are rolling out to select stores nationwide after which Crunch Pak will measure sales and adjust sets accordingly.

According to IRI data, there was a 79% increase in core snacking categories in 2020. While most food and beverage categories are expected to decline this year from last year, the snack category is expected to grow 3-4%. IRI predicts that suppliers and their retail partners must implement new strategies and tactics to manage these changes and drive growth.

“Our goal is to provide healthy and nutritious — high in protein, fiber and vitamins — occasion-based solutions for shoppers,” Koc said. “We want to be the source for back-to-school and beyond.”

For more information, visit www.crunchpak.com.

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