January 11, 2017

CRF Frozen Foods trying to reopen after nationwide recall

CRF Frozen Foods remains closed after a nationwide recall in April 2016. Production at the Pasco, Washington, was shut down after the Centers for Disease Control found CRF frozen vegetables contimated with listeria.

Here’s more from the Tri-City Herald:

Anne Struthers, communications director for R.D. Offutt, parent to CRF Frozen Foods LLC, indicated the plant may still resume operations.

“The plant remains closed while CRF Frozen Foods’ leadership develops its new business model at a time yet to be determined,” she wrote. “When the plant reopens, we will do so with great care, and with the advise of our regulatory and scientific experts and with full transparency to (regulators).”

Two lawsuits have been filed against CRF Frozen Foods, the Tri-City Herald reports.

As for CRF and its parent, the cost of the outbreak is still unknown.

A typical recall can cost $10 million or more and the CRF situation is not typical. The plant has been shut down for more than seven months and its products were widely distributed.

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