June 12, 2024

Cold-pressed juice product receives Mindful Awards recognition

Wonder Juice, a line of organic cold-pressed juice made from fresh fruits and vegetables, has been named the Juice Product of the Year in the 2024 Mindful Awards program.

Mindful Awards is an independent recognition platform highlighting companies and products that mindfully impact the ever-expanding world of consumer-packaged goods, according to a news release.

New Jersey-headquartered Wonder Juice manufactures Fair Trade certified Wonder Melon, Wonder Lemon and Wonder Beet products in recyclable glass bottles using cold pressing, a process that uses hydraulic pressure to extract juice with minimal oxidation and heat to preserve enzymes and nutrients.

Wonder Juices are blended with cucumbers, cherries, berries, apple juice and natural vegetables, with no added sugars. They are also non-GMO certified, according to the release.

“Wonder Juice is not merely a product but a testament to mindful innovation and unwavering commitment to ethical, sustainable practices,” Travis Grant, Mindful Awards managing director, said in the release. “Consumer expectations of food and drink have evolved. The future of the beverage industry, with its deep-rooted commitment to health, is not just about flavor but nourishing the body and soul.”

The Mindful Awards program received thousands of nominations from companies worldwide, according to the release. An independent panel of consumer-packaged goods industry experts evaluated the nominations. Categories include food, beverage, snacks, supplements, home and personal care.

“Our usage of eco-friendly, recyclable glass bottles underscores our dedication to sustainability, while our process of taking fresh fruits and vegetables grown on organic farms and cold-pressing them the correct way delivers a delightful, healthful journey, one sip at a time,” said Laura Morris, marketing director of Wonder Juice parent company Kayco Beyond Division. “We’re so pleased to receive this Mindful Award, and we’ll keep making waves in the industry with a commitment that extends beyond taste to ethical and sustainable production, remaining steadfast in our mission to promote wellness, flavor and environmental stewardship.”

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