August 16, 2022

Cloud-enabled temperature logger sticks on package like shipping label

Tive, a global provider of supply chain and logistics technology, has released Tive Tag, a cloud-enabled temperature logger that looks like a flexible shipping label.

Designed to break price point barriers, the Tive Tag provides a solution for first and last-mile deliveries, warehouse operations, as well as over the road, rail, airĀ  and ocean cold chain management.

Tive Tag is a cloud-based temperature logger. Photo: Tive

Make the long-life cloud-enabled temperature logger last for a year, design it to be reused trip after trip during that year, and then give it a non-Lithium earth-friendly battery. It’s like a shipping label with an incredible amount of tech embedded inside.

The Tive Tag is a simple solution for shippers, retailers, cold storage operators and last mile delivery. Customers have an audit trail for compliance, the tag is air freight safe and supports your ESG initiatives with minimal electronic waste. Simply stick, tap it with your phone and ship.

Start and stop the Tive Tag to define individual trips. Stick the Tag on a reusable plastic container (RPC), carton or box and you have proof of delivery and proof the cold chain was maintained.

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