July 19, 2016

CDC closes CRF Frozen Foods investigation

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has closed its listeria outbreak investigation relating to a CRF Frozen Foods recall.  The CDC warned that “people could continue to get sick because recalled products may still be in freezers and people who don’t know about the recalls could eat them.”

The FDA facilitated the recall of at least 456 products related to this outbreak. CRF Frozen Foods recalled 358 products and at least 98 other products were recalled by firms that received CRF- recalled products, according to a recall update by the FDA.

Nine people infected with the outbreak strains of listeria have been reported from four states since September 13, 2013. All nine people were hospitalized, and three of them died. Listeriosis was considered to be a cause of death for one person in Connecticut.

Epidemiologic and laboratory evidence indicated that frozen vegetables produced by CRF Frozen Foods of Pasco, Washington and sold under various brand names were a likely source of illness in this outbreak.

CDC recommends that consumers do not eat, and restaurants and retailers do not serve or sell, recalled organic and traditional frozen vegetables and fruit products and recalled products containing these items. Recalled items were sold nationwide and in Canada.

For more information, visit the CRF Frozen Foods investigation page on the FDA website and CDC website.

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