January 30, 2020

BrightFarms opens 280,000-square foot farm in Pennsylvania

Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania-based BrightFarms, a supplier of locally grown salads for supermarkets, opened its largest greenhouse on Jan. 28.

The new 280,000-square-foot farm in Selinsgrove will deliver over two million pounds of fresh, local produce year-round in Pennsylvania and the tri-state area.

BrightFarms will create over 50 “green collar” jobs in Selinsgrove, each paying a living wage with health benefits. To support the local community, BrightFarms will donate its first harvest to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

In addition to Pennsylvania, the company has farms in Ohio, Illinois and Virginia and plans to open its next greenhouse in North Carolina. BrightFarms delivers pesticide-free produce in as little as 24 hours of harvest.

For more information on BrightFarms, visit www.brightfarms.com.

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