January 15, 2019

Birko’s Elite 360 Precision Application brings electrostatic technology to food processing

Birko, a leader in providing food safety solutions for the protein, further processing, produce and brew industries, will launch its Elite 360 Precision Application Technology at the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta Feb. 12-14, 2019.

Birko experts will be available to answer questions in booth B7207. In addition, video of the equipment will be available at the booth.

Elite 360 with Precision Application TechnologyAfter years of research and testing, Birko has successfully introduced electrostatics and Protection with Precision to food sanitation. While electrostatic technology is not a new concept — it’s been used to paint cars and other metal objects because of its ability to completely coat its target — it has never been used in this capacity in food processing sanitation intervention.

“Our scientists partnered with Colorado State University’s (CSU) agricultural sciences program and NAMI partners, AB Foods, American Foods Group and Central Valley Meats, who helped fund the research, to harness electrostatics for intervention applications,” said Kelly Green, Birko president and third-generation owner. “As discovered through extensive testing, Elite 360’s capabilities are astounding and will truly change the way we all think about food safety.”

Elite 360 electrostatically applies an antimicrobial intervention to cover the product, using the least amount of antimicrobial possible, while still being as effective as possible. Transfer efficiency, the ratio of antimicrobial applied to the meat surface compared to the amount sprayed, was found to approach 90-100 percent in Birko’s testing.

The Precision Application Technology of Elite 360 not only reduces pathogens, but it reduces the amount of chemicals applied and significantly reduces water use as well as wastewater treatment costs. In contrast to a conventional dip tank antimicrobial application, electrostatic technology can reduce chemical and water usage by as much as 95 percent and has shown up to a 2.0+ log reduction and 360-degree product coverage.


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