Birko introduces Wax-Oft for produce processing

May 27, 2014

Birko announced the introduction of Wax-Oft, a new product that cleans belts and brushes used to apply wax during produce packing.

“Many fruits and vegetables are coated with wax at the packing and grading houses to protect them during storage and shipment,” said Elis Owens, Birko’s senior microbiologist/chemist. “Wax-Oft has been specially formulated to clean the belts and brushes that apply wax to tree fruits during packing.” 

If excess wax is not removed from processing equipment on a regular schedule, it builds up and interferes with equipment operation and may prevent proper wax application as well as negatively impacting product quality and shelf life, according to Birko. Due to the hydrophobic or water repelling properties of the wax, a special blend of surfactants and solvents is needed to effectively clean the processing equipment.

Birko will be presenting Wax-Oft at booth #2158 at the United Fresh show in Chicago June 10-13.

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