November 6, 2020

BioSafe Systems to add production facility in Yuma

Connecticut-based BioSafe Systems has partnered with Zafar Produce to sign a lease on a new production and warehouse facility in the city of Yuma, Arizona.

According to a BioSafe news release, Zafar Fresh has been an integral partner involved in the fresh produce supply chain. It offer first-hand experience as a shipper, customer, carrier, distributor, warehouse partner and more. This new 25,000-square-foot refrigerated space will enable BioSafe Systems to produce the full line of world-class peracetic acid products and will serve as a regional warehouse and service center.

“The new location is an opportunity to better serve our customers and provide sustainable food safety and agronomic solutions in the southern California, Yuma, Arizona region, as well as western Mexico.

“BioSafe Systems prides itself on seeking and pursuing ways to be a professional example of sustainable practices. Multiple facets of our business model work in promoting biodiversity, preserving ecosystems, social accountability, waste reduction and energy, resource and material management. We strategically position our facilities to lower the carbon footprint of our business while increasing convenience for our distributors and end-users.”


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