July 21, 2022

Apple receiving, washing grading, packaging equipment sale

A state-of-the-art apple receiving, washing, grading and packaging plant is holding an equipment sale in Comstock Park, Michigan.

Equipment includes:

  • High-Speed Washing and Grading Line with Robotic Bin Handling / Dumping System
  • Wash Flume System
  • Mof-Roda Agrobotic 6-Lane Optical Sorter
  • 28-Lane Grading Discharge and 28-Flume Stainless Steel Isolation and Delivery System with Automated Bin Filling Selection System
  • (2) Maf-Roda Dry Pack Bin Fillers
  • (2) Graded Product Robotic Bin Dumping Stations to Water Flumes Delivered to (2) Drying and Wax Coating Lines
  • Cedis-Maf Automated 12-Station Fruit Bagging Line
  • Tray Packing Line with Accu-Label ORB-it G-2
  • (8) Lane PLU Sticker Applicator
  • Tray Dispenser
  • Casing
  • (4) Maf-Roda Auto Box Fillers
  • (4) Maf-Roda PNW Quick Bag Packers
  • Case Sealers and Palletizing
  • (3) SWF Bliss Case
  • Tray and Box Formers
  • New Genie Z-45/25J Articulating Man Lift
  • Forklifts
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Maintenance
  • Spare Parts
  • and Support

For more information and equipment details, visit https://www.newmillcapital.com/asset_sales/state-of-the-art-apple-receiving-washing-grading-and-packaging-plant

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