February 25, 2019

AFFI debuts listeria-prevention website, Food Safety Zone

The American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI) unveiled the Food Safety Zone at AFFIFoodSafety.org during the 2019 AFFI Frozen Food Convention. Shared with the show’s 1,500 attendees, the Food Safety Zone’s key features and benefits are a one-stop food safety resource for frozen food companies.

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“AFFI is committed to advancing food safety practices throughout the frozen value chain,” said AFFI President and CEO Alison Bodor. “The Food Safety Zone is the latest example of how AFFI is raising the bar on food safety practices to help prevent and control Listeria monocytogenes.

“It takes many people to keep food safe. This comprehensive resource allows the manufacturing sector to search for, access and incorporate food safety practices created by food safety professionals for food safety professionals.”

AFFI’s Food Safety Working Group, comprised of more than 70 experts from more than 40 member companies and the broader frozen food industry, spent the past two years developing food safety best practices that will directly address control and prevention of listeria in frozen food manufacturing.

Food Safety Leadership Conference

AFFI also announced its inaugural Food Safety Leadership Conference. Comprised of workshops and educational sessions, the conference is focused on the core areas of AFFI’s Listeria Control Program, including Listeria mapping and environmental monitoring, sanitation and hygienic design, and process validation.

The twin unveiling of AFFI’s Food Safety Zone and Food Safety Leadership Conference is part of AFFI’s ambitious effort to lead the science and understanding of listeria through scientific research, innovation, education and training.

“This level of education will lead to a food safety culture that empowers employees to make critical food safety decisions and take preventive actions that reduce the odds of their facilities becoming a recall statistic,” Bodor said.

All domestic and international frozen food processors are encouraged to employ the best practices and related resources at AFFIFoodSafety.org.

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