January 20, 2016

JBT Corporation to showcase fresh produce technology at Fruit Logistica 2016

JBT Corporation will be showcasing its new Fresh’n Squeeze juice extractor range, alongside other innovations, at Fruit Logistica 2016.

The new model of the Fresh’n Squeeze Multi Fruit Juicer has been designed to produce up to 100 litres of high-grade fruit juice per hour, according to the company.

JBT will be showcasing its entire fresh produce technology line, as well as processing and extraction solutions for fruits and vegetables. Technologies being presented include:

  • Produce identification equipment
  • Selected examples of juice processing technology
  • FTE-CE cold extraction system, focusing on its application related to vegetables
  • Extended shelf life and pulsed electric field technologies for processed vegetables
  • Laser Food laser-labeling machine for custom fruit marking
  • A range of coatings for the appearance of fruits and vegetables
  • Videos displaying the company’s other products and services

For more information and machine specifics, visit the JBT website.