September/October 2021

Automation, company culture ways to help mitigate labor challenges

Reliance on a potentially vulnerable labor force presents a whole new set of challenges in a human health crisis.

Cutting down on sugar in fruit juice

Israeli company Better Juice has developed groundbreaking new technology that naturally lowers sugar content in juice and products using juice.

GAB Operations leaders talk cold chain, traceability and building new facility

GAB Operations commissioned A M King to design and construct a new produce distribution facility in Laredo, Texas.

Revolution Farms continues to expand, provide locally grown leafy greens to Midwesterners

Consumers in the Great Lakes region who rely on store-bought produce have traditionally bought lettuce, leafy greens and bagged salads grown in California or Arizona.

What’s your food safety nightmare?

What fresh produce food-safety topics keep industry leaders awake at night? A pair of recent Center for Food Safety webinars examined two prominent risks.

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