May/June 2019

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Agriculture using smart technology to improve production

At Produce Processing, we’re used to seeing all sorts of food processing innovative technology come to market. Earlier in the value chain, the farmers who grow the food you process are also reaping the benefits of automation and robotics. Here are just some of the many innovations that are changing the face of agricultural production.

Cucumber harvesting, packing automation on the cusp for robotics firm

A Dutch robotics firm says its machine could be automatically harvesting greenhouse cucumbers in a few years.

Frozen Food Aisle

Five tips to attract young consumers to frozen fruits and vegetables

Current trends, especially those that involve the younger generation, could create advantages for the frozen fruit and vegetable sector.


Goldenberries could be next superfruit for North American consumers

South America’s goldenberry is poised to be a new superfruit for North American consumers, but a USDA-funded study shows they can be grown in the U.S.

Frozen Foods

Modernization driving frozen food industry

If the produce section of the grocery store’s freezer aisle seems to have a new look, that’s because it does — on a regular basis.


Naturipe’s Janis McIntosh focused on packaging reduction

Janis McIntosh has been a big part of Naturipe for nearly 15 years, but she recently took on a new role — director of marketing innovation and sustainability. Naturipe is a partnership between four fresh berry growers — Hortfruit S.A., Michigan Blueberry Growers, Naturipe Berry Growers and Munger Farms. McIntosh has several certifications from top packaging schools for design, development and sustainable alternatives. She has also helped develop Naturipe’s Cultivate with Care sustainability program and is involved with the Consumer Goods Forum-Plastic Waste Task Force, PMA Sustainability Committee and Monterey County Sustainability Working Group (MCSWG).

Prop 65 Label Non Official

Prop 65 labeling law an easy target for enforcers seeking payday

If a company’s products are commercially available to California residents, those products are subject to the state’s Proposition 65 warning label regulations.


Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) technology offers great potential for juice makers

Imagine there was technology that would allow you to get more juice out of a batch of apples. Imagine that same technology could extend shelf life, improve food safety and preserve taste, appearance and nutritional value.

Belgium new potato varieties

Why Belgium is the world’s largest exporter of frozen fries

Processed potato products are shipped from Belgium to more than 150 countries around the world, providing a net trade value of more than €1.75 billion ($1.97 billion) each year.

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