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Squash Your Roach Problem

Few pests quicken the pulse or raise an eyebrow as much as cockroaches. These crawling insects have a way of instilling a sense of... continue reading »

Final Thoughts

The Global Conference on Produce Sustainability will wrap up soon, and following evening reception the attendees will head back to their respective pl... continue reading »

Fresh-Cut Research, Take 2

The food safety pavilion at United Fresh 2010 offered researchers the chance to talk about projects, and some had implications for processors.
<... continue reading »

Super Sessions

The United Fresh Super Sessions - with four concurrent tracks for retail/foodservice, grower shipper, wholesaler/distributor and fresh-cut processing ... continue reading »

Two Nevada Schools Welcome Salad Bar Donations

Two Nye County, Nev., schools will receive salad bars donated by United Fresh Foundation, The Vollrath Co. and Cambro Manufacturing Co., at the clos... continue reading »

Misionero Vegetables launches new Garden Cuts salad kit line

Consumers are eating at home more often these days, but they’re not willing to give up the restaurant-style foods they’re accustomed to. Mis... continue reading »

I-9 Issues

In June 2009, the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency issued 650 I-9 audits, more than in all of 2... continue reading »

PACA for Processors

Jerr Brandel is tired of what he calls “bait and switch” tactics in the fresh-market produce industry, and he wants to see them stop. At the... continue reading »

Vegetable, fruit waste can produce electricity

Think about all the fruit and vegetable waste left behind during harvest, lying unused and unwanted in farm fields and processing plants. Not only doe... continue reading »

Abusing Temperatures

The importance of maintaining the correct temperature of fresh-cut products comes up at every meeting as one of the keys to quality. But the effects o... continue reading »