October 25, 2015

United Fresh recall ready Midwest workshop scheduled

The United Fresh Recall Ready  Training Workshop is making its next stop in the Midwest. On December 8-9 at Hamburger University in Oak Brook, Illinois on the McDonald’s headquarters campus just outside Chicago, the Recall Ready team will conduct the final 2015 workshop for all produce industry members.

“You don’t want an actual recall to be a training exercise and unfortunately, we know that recall events will continue to have an impact on the entire fresh produce supply chain. As an industry, we must all be committed to implementing effective strategies to protect public health, comply with government requirements and moreover, minimize the impacts on businesses,” said David Gombas, senior vice president of food safety and technology for United Fresh.

United’s Recall Ready Training Workshop is designed for companies throughout the produce supply chain including growers/shippers/packers, processors, wholesalers and distributors, retailers, restaurant operators and industry organizations. This unique hands-on training workshop will help companies understand the fundamentals of a product recall, including their rights and responsibilities, the role of the FDA and how to limit liability, manage customer expectations, and develop a recall plan.

The workshop combines recall protocols and communication management principles to ensure that food safety, sales, marketing, and management teams work together effectively throughout a recall event.

To register for the workshop or learn more about this and other Recall Ready programs, and in-depth personalized consultation services, please visit United’s Recall Ready website.



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