November/December 2021

Column: Packaging for ready-to-eat plant-based meals

Convenience, or ready meals, exploded in consumption since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic as restaurants shuttered and more people ate at home.

Column: Tackling listeria, our produce safety greatest common denominator

In managing my company’s fresh produce processing business, I consider two focus areas to be critical: managing risk and growing consumption. Food safety is foundational to both.

Cyber world calls for diligent IT protection

What, me worry? That may be the response of some specialty crop produce company operators, including farm owners and managers, when the subject turns to cybersecurity risks impacting agricultural operations.

Emerging food trends for 2022

The world has seen much change in the past two years, and with it, consumer preferences and demands. After having their routines turned upside down, most have settled into some kind of new normal.

Cedric Heymans

New flux of potato-based beverages hitting market

Three international drink makers have brought new potato-based drinks to market. New opportunities for potato growers — both in the U.S. and abroad — could arise, if the new products take off. Interest, particularly in the plant-based alternative, has been strong.

Indigeny Reserve cider barrels

Organic hard cider at Indigeny Reserve

Tucked in California’s gold country and about 1.5 hours outside of Yosemite is a 240-acre organic apple farm and cidery, featuring over 50 varieties of apples and split over two parcels — an upper and lower ranch — in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

The Internet of Things and wine making

Let’s imagine the following scenario: On Friday, your operator filtered a 2018 Merlot. On Monday, another operator is on shift and filters the same type of Merlot but the output is significantly lower. You notice the difference but cannot explain why. Is the machine chemically cleaned before the weekend?

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