March/April 2021


Driving packaging sustainability in the time of COVID-19

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) may still be one of consumers’ top concerns, but the pandemic hasn’t erased concern over environmental issues and demand for sustainability.

Kansas clan turns old family sauerkraut recipe into budding regional food producer

Ray Rome began gifting homemade Bavarian-style sauerkraut in the mid-1980s. Today, it is Hoganville Family Farm sauerkraut company.

Managing and mitigating food recall risk

Any food recall incident is a crisis situation that requires quick action to mitigate any longstanding financial and reputational damage. 

New fruit, vegetable snack options emerge amid pandemic

Driven in part by the global pandemic, as well as interest in adopting a more plant-based diet, creative fruit and vegetable products have gained ground.

Sharing the sustainability story: What consumers want to know

Sustainability is a major concern among consumers. Food producers are aware of that, but often unsure how to address it.


Studying potato trends throughout the retail sector

To understand shopping habits for potato and potato products in retail, Potatoes USA partnered with Kantar Insights Consulting to conduct a total store potato study.

Traceability plan can help ease fear of food recall

Having to issue a recall is a situation every food producer fears, but a traceability plan and recall team ready can help ease the anxiety.

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