The Grocery Shrink Ray

Prices for food items at the supermarket have been on the rise, and consumers have noticed their shopping budget doesn’t go as far as it used to.... continue reading »

Mann Packing introduces leafy green products to retail customers

Mann Packing Co.’s is almost synonymous with broccoli. That’s no surprise, as the Salinas, Calif.-based grower, shipper and processor is the... continue reading »

New plant, products and people signal growth for processor

Since it’s founding in 1999, Country Fresh Inc. has experienced an annual growth rate of about 40 percent year over year. The fresh-cut processor... continue reading »

Fresh-cut processor helps drive growth of avocado market

For the last 10 years, one company was at the top of the A.C. Nielsen retail sales charts, but few people knew its name. Although the packaging was un... continue reading »

Fresh whole product makes good fresh-cut, too

When fresh-cut processors develop a new product, a lot of research goes in to finding a fruit or vegetable that will handle the cutting process and de... continue reading »

Convenience drives fresh-cut produce packaged with carbs and proteins

The fresh-cut industry may have started with plain lettuce washed and bagged, but it’s grown into a multi-billion dollar industry that is increas... continue reading »

Burger King branches out with healthful fresh-cut option

When Burger King’s “idea” team began working on new, healthful products to market to children, they had only one word to guide them: Fu... continue reading »

Sensory evaluation useful in marketing fresh-cut produce

Quality is the No. 1 factor when it comes to increasing American consumption of fruits and vegetables. Consumers who are disappointed with a product w... continue reading »

Process Adds Safety; Consumer Acceptance Increasing

FDA is considering a rule change concerning irradiated products: If the irradiation does not change the taste or texture of the product, then it would... continue reading »

Cold Chain Begins Before Processing Starts

The fresh-cut fruit and vegetable cold chain is all about quality.

As the food distribution system has developed over the years &... continue reading »