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Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison has announced availability of Air Release active labels as part of the company’s Active Packaging product suite. The combination vent and label permits the controlled release of unwanted air or steam from flexible packages. Pouches or other flexible packaging outfitted with the Avery Dennison Air Release active labels can be instantaneously purged of unwanted air by simply compressing the package.

The new active label is applied over a small perforation made in the flexible film. One-way valve properties enable the retention of liquids during the air emission process. Air Release active labels can be sized and printed to meet most any package design.

A high-temperature version of Air Release is being developed for applications such as frozen and fresh prepared entrees. Air Release active labels applied to lidding films covering these trays and pouches also perform as a valve, regulating one-way discharge of air and steam.

Air Release active labels can be applied by most automated label application systems. In facilitating the release of extra air from packages, Air Release active labeling technology enables manufacturers to reduce storage and shipping space to reduce costs. With Air Release active labeling applied to packaging, consumers will no longer need to cut or puncture holes in films prior to baking or microwaving.

For more information on Air Release and other Avery Dennison active labeling innovations, call (866) 476-9845 or e-mail [email protected]


The Cryovac Simple Steps Package for Produce is a new concept in heat-and-serve technology. It’s steam cooking made easy.

The Simple Steps package incorporates highly permeable material, which provides extended product shelf life for perishable products such as broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus. The vacuum skin format conforms to the contours of the product, improving presentation, merchandising, appeal and, ultimately, shelf life. The Simple Steps package can be used in retail, foodservice and vending machines.

The packaging is microwavable – simply place the rigid tray in the microwave, cook, peal the easy-open tab and serve. There’s no need to puncture holes in the package before heating, as the film expands as the product heats, self-vents and relaxes over the food. The “stay cool” handles reduce the risk of burns as the tray is removed from the microwave.

For more information, call (800) 845-3456, or visit


Multivac offers innovative thermoform fill-seal rollstock, traysealer, vacuum chamber and labeling systems. These high-performance systems help companies of all sizes meet challenging production requirements.

“Companies looking to boost brand appeal, automate their production line and reduce inventory costs will find that there are several competitive advantages to partnering with Multivac,” said Michel Defenbau, company president.

Multivac is a manufacturer of thermoform fill-seal rollstock packaging solutions, chamber vacuum pouch sealers, traysealers, shrink tanks and both cross-web and inline labelers for food, medical and consumer product applications.

From its North American headquarters in Kansas City, Mo., the company provides strategic consultation, technical design, sales, distribution and service of Multivac’s complete line of packaging systems. Multivac maintains a comprehensive, on-site parts inventory that offers technical assistance and certified training for its entire line of equipment. To date, the company has designed and implemented more than 100,000 packaging solutions.

For more information, call (800) 800-8552 or e-mail [email protected]


Fresh food grocers and brand owners are continuing to experience success with corn-based plastic packaging from NatureWorks PLA, as evidence grows that consumers strongly prefer products packaged in fresh-in-natural containers.

Companies like Newman’s Own Organics are capturing the attention of consumers by using NatureWorks PLA for a variety of fresh packaging applications, including rigids, films, bottles and labels.

“The popularity of NatureWorks PLA has been outstanding,” said Joe Sandro, director of organic operations for FoodSource Organics, distributor of Newman’s Own Organics. “We get five to 10 inquiries per week about the corn-based packaging material.”

NatureWorks PLA is a clear food packaging made from 100 percent corn, making the containers and film a natural fit for foods. They can be composted.

For more information about NatureWorks PLA, call (952) 742-0400, or visit

Schneider Packaging Equipment

Schneider Packaging Equipment Co., specializing in end-of-line solutions for case packing and palletizing needs, has introduced its new Robotic Case Packer-Palletizer. This all-in-one technology combines a case packer and a palletizer into a compact, cost-effective solution.

“We found customers are looking for a single, automated end-of-line solution that is as focused as possible,” said Pete Squires, Schneider’s vice president of controls. “The Robotic Packer-Palletizer loads, labels, scans and palletizes cases with a single robotic arm. This increases automation while maintaining a small footprint, thereby saving plant floor space.”

The Robotic Packer-Palletizer uses a 5-axis Motoman robot with XRC Controller, capable of moving up to 176 pounds. The machine’s compact footprint allows for pallet sizes of up to 48 inches by 48 inches and unit loads up to 72 inches high. Capable of running single line applications, the Robotic Packer-Palletizer’s production rates depend on the product being packaged, the number of products per case and pallet patterns. The custom designed End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) is flexible enough to “grab” and pack various-size objects, including boxes, bags, bundles, bales, cans, bottles and jars.

The Robotic Packer-Palletizer has a programmable Allen Bradley Logix controller with a touch screen operator interface, making changeovers easy. The machine features a product and case infeed conveying system, enabling simple integration with other equipment. Cases are automatically erected, and the EOAT places product into the case. Cases are then sealed both top and bottom with tape or glue. The EOAT then labels, scans and palletizes the case onto a fixed pallet station, all with the same robot.

For more information, call (315) 676-3035 or send a fax to (315) 676-2875.


The DataFlex thermal transfer overprinter (TTO) from Videojet Technologies represents a breakthrough for product marking and coding on flexible packaging in food-grade operations. Ensuring product traceability and control, the DataFlex offers excellent print quality, low operating costs, flexibility of positioning and reliable operation.

The DataFlex features an exclusive clutchless, bi-directional ribbon drive that maintains proper ribbon tension, thus preventing ribbon breaks that cause downtime and higher operating costs.

“Downtime attributed to complex operation and mechanical unreliability accounts for more than 80 percent of the total ownership costs for most thermal transfer overprinters,” said Doug Grady, product manager for TTO products, Videojet Technologies. “The DataFlex’s clutchless ribbon drive eliminates those costs.”

The DataFlex ribbon is simple to change, and the single ribbon cassette can be used with any system configuration – intermittent, continuous, right-hand or left-hand. The system also captures unused ribbon after each print, for optimum ribbon efficiency.

For digital real-time coding, the DataFlex allows the operator to replace manual coding methods with a fully automated system that delivers digitally imaged, variable information. Operators can automatically program date and time rollovers and offsets, as well as print scalable bar codes, 2-D codes and labels. The DataFlex has a standard, Windows-based operating system with Ethernet that provides a full range of programmable serial, lot and batch codes, and date-code offsets. The DataFlex also features a color touch-screen with an intuitive graphical-user interface that is easy to learn and simple to use, and a WYSIWYG image display that reduces operator errors.

For more information about the DataFlex thermal transfer overprinter, call (800) 843-3610, or visit

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