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ClearWater Tech

ClearWater Tech knows there’s more to ozone than grams per hour. The company has fine-tuned its ozone generation technology for use with oxygen as the feed-gas.

The systems provide ozone concentrations from 3 percent to 6 percent or more in the output gas, compared with the typical 1 percent concentration achieved by other ozone generators using traditional dry-air feed.

Concentration is the key to ozone solubility in water, the company said. ClearWater Tech’s superior performance saves its customers space, power and money.

Ozone is faster acting, more cost effective and achieves better sanitation results than chemicals, the company said. All natural, generated on site and with no chemical storage or disposal, ozone pays for itself in a matter of months.

ClearWater Tech specializes in OEM applications of all types, including ozone for food processing, agriculture, surface sanitation and air purification. ClearWater Tech can put it to work for fresh-cut processors.

For more information, call ClearWater Tech Sales Department at (800) 262-0203.


InspX LLC, the joint venture between Key Technology and Peco Controls, offers ScanTrac 200, an affordable, easy-to-use, high performance X-ray system. ScanTrac 200 inspects packaged products for foreign material contamination, detecting packaging imperfections and confirming contents.

ScanTrac 200 achieves the industry’s fastest line speeds while maintaining superior detection accuracy and minimizing the total cost of ownership, the company said. Created specifically for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, ScanTrac reliably detects product contamination and package assembly errors at conveyor speeds of up to 700 feet per minute, inspecting as many as 2,200 cpm.

The system detects foreign objects such as metal, shards of glass, stones, bone, rubber and other dense foreign materials contaminating products packed in cartons, cans, plastic and glass. The system also detects product voids and underfills and damaged containers. It can even verify that package components and product composition conform to specifications. ScanTrac provides real-time analysis, detection and rejection to automatically remove out-of-tolerance product from the production line.

Using low-energy X-ray and sophisticated image processing software, ScanTrac detects the smallest contaminants. With this high sensitivity and an industry-leading false reject rate of less than 1 in 10,000, ScanTrac offers the best performance capabilities in the industry at the most affordable price.

ScanTrac features a design that minimizes installation costs. Proprietary image processing software allows ScanTrac to inspect containers back-to-back, eliminating the timing belts required by other x-ray systems. Furthermore, the compact side-view ScanTrac can be mounted over an existing conveyor, eliminating costly plant modifications. This economical digital X-ray imaging technology makes high performance package inspection and process monitoring affordable for any size company.

Handling products up to 7 inches wide and 12 inches high, the compact ScanTrac requires only 4 to 6 linear feet of conveyor space, depending on the application. The system offers adjustable X-ray energy levels to accommodate a range of products or packages and can be changed over in seconds via pre-programmed product recipes. The system features built-in diagnostics, auto-calibration, a set-by-step product set-up menu, and remote monitoring. Inexperienced operators can achieve optimal inspection with minimal training.

ScanTrac meets and exceeds all U.S. and European standards for X-ray inspection devices. It is CE mark certified. The system features a NEMA4 / IP65 enclosure that allows operation in washdown areas.


Intralox’s new Series 800 SeamFree Open Hinge Flat Top belt favorably impacts sanitation practices in food processing operations. SeamFree is the largest single plastic module available in today’s market, at 36 inches wide with a 2-inch pitch.

This design augments plant sanitation practices in several ways. Its open hinge design enables rods and hinges to be more accessible for thorough cleaning, and its underside drive bar channels water and debris to belt edges for easy removal. Because the belt is not hinge driven, debris is not pressed into the hinges. This These factors eliminates a conveyance issues that has have major sanitation and product quality repercussions. When used in conjunction with Intralox’s CIP system and angled sprockets, cleaning time is reduced by 60 percent and water usage by 25 percent compared with manual cleaning.

Intralox is a global manufacturer specializing in modular plastic conveyor belts that enable companies to increase conveyor productivity, decrease sanitation costs and minimize downtime in their plants.

For more information on Intralox belt solutions, visit

Serim Research Corporation

Serim Research Corporation, a market leader in medical disinfectant testing, introduces a new addition to its line of Monitor test strips: Serim Monitor for Iodine.

As with the company’s other Monitor tests – High Range and Low Range Chlorine, Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, Water pH and Water Hardness – Iodine was developed for testing the free iodine concentration of sanitizers used in the food industry.

Serim Monitor test strips allow you to verify that the solution you’re using is at the appropriate level recommended for its intended use. If you are not currently testing or if the tests you are using are cumbersome and time consuming, try the Serim Monitor test strips.


Silliker has released “Swabbing Techniques for Sampling the Environment and Equipment Technician Training Program,” a learning tool for quality assurance technicians who collect samples in wet processing environments.

Deficiencies and variations in sampling practices can significantly affect the accuracy, consistency and usefulness of environmental data, prompting many companies to seek cost-effective training solutions to protect their investment in environmental monitoring programs.

Developed in partnership with Biotrace International, “Swabbing Techniques” combines expert content, outstanding instructional design and proven adult learning strategies into an interactive and time-saving training tool. The hands-on program can help companies reduce common technician errors and protect the integrity of environmental data by providing sampling technicians with comprehensive training on industry best practices. The program contains:

• A presentation on CD containing video clips and digital pictures that demonstrate proper sampling steps and techniques

• A facilitator’s presentation guide that provides instructors with insightful recommendations and tips to implement and conduct training sessions

• Technician workbooks complete with photos, step by step diagrams, interactive exercises, worksheets and challenging questions

• A quiz addressing key points of the program

For more information on the program, visit or call the Silliker Education Department at (708) 957-7878.

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