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Sanitary Liquid Chillers cool to the lowest possible temperature instantaneously. The Short Gas Flow design permits rapid escape of refrigerant gas that affects little or no pressure drop across the evaporator. The unit is cleanable, inspectable, USDA approved, ASME certified and free from damage caused by inadvertent freeze-up. Other liquids, brines, glycol solutions, etc., with comparable characteristics also may be chilled to within 1?F to 2?F of their respective freezing points. Rugged and durable stainless steel construction throughout ensures sanitary operation.

Chilling is accomplished while the liquid flows by gravity, in a thin film, over both sides of one or more stainless steel corrugated cooling sections, which are hollow. Any number of these sections may be employed, depending upon temperature drop and flow rate required. Sections are arranged in parallel and each is fed from a common overhead distributing trough. Chilled liquid is received in the collecting reservoir below, from which it is pumped or may flow by gravity as desired.

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G&F Systems

For high-production demands, consider spiral freezing, chilling or drying systems from G&F Systems. These systems are custom-designed for the food industry and feature PLC controls with multiple temperature sensors. Stainless steel construction is easy to sanitize, with wide selection of plastic or stainless steel conveyor belts. G&F Systems delivers consistent size, texture and appearance to food products. All systems are backed by G&F Systems reputation for high quality, immediate parts availability and dependable service.

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Heatcraft Refrigeration

Heatcraft Refrigeration Products has introduced the Extended Thin Profile Unit Cooler to its line of refrigeration products. This versatile cooler is designed to meet the refrigeration needs of convenience stores, grocery stores and florists.

The unit offers one of the most compact textured aluminum cabinet designs in the market, providing flexibility to fit the evaporator where space is limited and allowing more room for shelving. The low height design hides the unit away, giving a cleaner look to the display, while the compact depth accommodates narrow spaces. Noise and vibration are reduced through plastic vibration isolators for the fan panels and drain pan.

Enhanced features, focusing on easier serviceability and installation, include end compartment front access panels that allow easy access to the refrigerant, electrical components and motors; standard liquid line solenoid wire harness for quick installation; internally enhanced tube design, producing better unit performance; and heaters attached to the coil for easier serviceability.

The Extended Thin Profile Unit Cooler is available in Bohn, Larkin, Climate Control and Chandler brands.

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KESS Industries

Rotary Washers by KESS Industries are designed for the gentle washing and cooling of product. Constructed of stainless steel and wash-down duty components, these washers are designed to accommodate a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

Flights softly turn and move the product through the system as overhead spray bars thoroughly clean and cool. Product is discharged by means of a stainless chute complete with water flume. The adjustability of the washer’s drum pitch and the drive motor’s variable frequency drive give the user flexibility with cleaning and cooling times.

Any unwanted particulates and debris are filtered out through the openings in the stainless steel wash drum and collected for removal in a catch basin. With several drum designs and water reclamation systems available, the washer accommodates any processing application.

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