A green floret of fresh broccoli with water droplets in the foreground

UF researchers make promising broccoli breakthrough

University of Florida researchers have made advances in delaying the aging of broccoli. The findings have the potential to aid in preserving other veg... continue reading »

Ban on non-compostable produce stickers considered in Washington

A ban on non-compostable stickers on fresh produce is being considered in Washington. Specialty crop groups, including the Washington State Tree Fr... continue reading »

USDA scientist honored for foodborne pathogens research

A USDA scientist has been honored for research enhancing the ability of lab diagnostics to detect foodborne pathogens and streamline the processes tha... continue reading »

Specialty Crop Farm Bill Alliance endorses legislation in line with recommendations

The Specialty Crop Farm Bill Alliance has endorsed three pieces of legislation addressing priorities addressing the group’s 2023 Farm Bill recommend... continue reading »

Florida lettuce industry expanding into new production systems

Each year, U.S. farmers produce enough lettuce to feed everyone in the country. Up to 73% of U.S. lettuce comes from California producers and is distr... continue reading »

Institute of Food Technologists names Leighton new board president

Sean Leighton, global vice president of food safety, quality and regulatory at Cargill, is the new board president of the Institute of Food Technologi... continue reading »

Research aims to solve sticky situation, preserve millions in trade

A move by European nations, led by France, mandating that PLU (price look up) stickers on fresh fruits and vegetables be home compostable has major im... continue reading »

USDA investing $33M in 82 projects at 1890 land-grant universities

The USDA is investing more than $33 million to support 82 research, Extension and education projects across the nation’s 19 historically Black colle... continue reading »

Bunting-Newton donates metal detection system worth $45K to Purdue

Magnetic technology company Bunting-Newton has donated a state-of-the-art metal detection system with an integrated control package to Purdue Universi... continue reading »

Greenhouse Learning Center to speed development of compostable packaging

Frito-Lay and Quaker have opened a Greenhouse Learning Center to field test, measure and analyze compostable packaging at PepsiCo’s research and dev... continue reading »