Freshway Foods Fresh-Cut Potatoes. Photo: Freshway Foods

Freshway Foods to introduce fresh-cut potatoes at United Fresh

Freshway Foods will introduce new fresh-cut potatoes at the upcoming United Fresh food show. Freshway’s fresh-cut potatoes are available in severa... continue reading »

Imaging technology detects decay in bagged cut lettuce

We all hate buying bagged salad only to find brown edges on the lettuce. Fresh-cut lettuce sold in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is a desirable ... continue reading »

NWPB finalizes watermelon cutting, shelf life study

To better understand the cutting, yield and shelf-life of watermelon, the National Watermelon Promotion Board (NWPB) conducted a cutting, yield, and s... continue reading »

Researchers finding ways to improve shelf life of fresh-cut peppers

Fresh-cut peppers are handy for snacking and in reducing meal-preparation time for consumers. But sometimes that freshness is short-lived. Though c... continue reading »

A fresher vegetable: re-evaluating how food is stored

[caption id="attachment_5514" align="alignright" width="300"] Elliot Ryser is part of an MSU research team studying the impact of sanitizers and gases... continue reading »

Ready Pac launches line of protein salad kits

Ready Pac Foods has launched a new premium line of protein-packed salads with grilled chicken. The all-new Bistro Salad Kits with Grilled Chicken are ... continue reading »

Ready Pac launches new elevĀte product line

To meet growing consumer demand for fresh, clean and nutrient-rich meal options, Ready Pac Foods announces the launch of a revolutionary new brand -- ... continue reading »

Duda Farm Fresh to debut celery snacking line at PMA

Duda Farm Fresh will showcase its full line of fresh vegetables, alongside the new complete celery snacking line in booth 2817 at PMA Fresh Summit ,... continue reading »

Reichel Foods introduces new single-serve snack products

Reichel Foods is introducing the new Pro2snax product line to the snacking industry. Pro2snax single-serve snacks include fresh produce paired with a... continue reading »

New wash developed for sanitizing fresh produce

An Agricultural Research Service scientist in Pennsylvania has developed a sanitizing wash formulated with natural compounds that could reduce the n... continue reading »