TOMRA acquires Compac

TOMRA Systems, has signed an agreement with the owners of sorting machine manufacturer Compac for 100 per cent of the shares in the company. Closing o... continue reading »

SIMBA barcode system helps potato growers, shippers

Dynamic Systems has launched a barcode-based system for potato processors. The SIMBA Potato System provides up-to-the-minute accurate inventory, bo... continue reading »

Turatti’s Automatic Spiralizer Transforms Veggies Alessandro Turatti, president and CEO of Turatti North America, highlights the company's new Automatic Spiralizer. The... continue reading »

New boot scrubber series aims to reduce cross-contamination

Best Sanitizers has added the new BSX Boot Scrubber Series to its line of equipment. The BSX Boot Scrubber offers six different boot scrubbers, giving... continue reading »

MadgeTech releases new data logger canning fitting

MadgeTech has released the new CF200 canning fixture. The CF200 is ideal for securing a variety of data logger probe sizes and styles used to monitor ... continue reading »

Western Growers opens AgTech Innovation Arena competition

Western Growers (WG) officially launched the second annual Innovation Arena Competition, which will offer six agtech start-up companies an opportunity... continue reading »

Spiroflow launches new Chainflow drag conveyor

Spiroflow has launched the new Chainflow tubular chain drag conveyor. The hygienic heavy duty, totally enclosed, dust-free chain drag conveyor conveys... continue reading »

The power of pallets

No offense to pallets, but as David Kalan puts it, they’re not very sexy. “It’s a sure guarantee at a cocktail party how to get people to wal... continue reading »

Sesotec launches new metal detector

Sesotec has launched its new metal detection technology, INTUITY. With multi-variable-simultaneous-frequency technology, INTUITY delivers detection se... continue reading »

Sunkist’s history of equipment innovation includes sectionizers

Christian Miller feeds thousands of kids a day. As supervisor for central food production within the Unified School District 259 Wichita Public Sch... continue reading »