Variety Choice Imperative for Fresh-Cut Quality

Fresh-cut quality starts in the fields. And that means choosing the right variety.

“Choosing the cultivar that performs opt... continue reading »

Convenience Stores Looking to Fresh-cut

Convenience Stores Look to Fresh-cut
Jeff Lenard National Association of Convenience Stores
With slimmer profit margins on gasolin... continue reading »

Experts Weigh In On Hot Topics In Fresh-Cut Industry

The fresh-cut produce industry is dynamic with innovations and new developments almost daily. To bring readers a complete view of the past, present an... continue reading »

FDA Releases Fresh-Cut Safety Guidance

FDA released a draft of the final Guide to Minimize Microbial Food Safety Hazards of Fresh-cut Fruits and Vegetables March 12. Although outbreaks asso... continue reading »

Search Narrowed in E. coli Contamination Investigation

FDA has narrowed the source of the recent E. coli outbreak to four fields in two California counties.

The outbreak investigation ... continue reading »

FDA Issues Draft Guidance for the Safe Production of Fresh-Cut Produce

To minimize microbial food safety hazards common to the processing of most fresh-cut fruits and vegetables sold to consumers in a ready-to-eat form, t... continue reading »

Key Technology Acquires Freshline Machines

Key Technology has announced the acquisition of Freshline Machines Pty Ltd., the leading designer and manufacturer of food processing systems for the ... continue reading »

Urschel Netherlands Expansion

Founded in 1986, Urschel International Ltd. Nederland has announced a significant addition, adding 50 percent more area. This expansion creates a tota... continue reading »