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Produce Processing 7: Q+A with Ryan Downs

Ryan M. Downs is president of GLK Foods and represents the fourth generation of the company’s family ownership. He joined GLK in 2005 and is a direc... continue reading »

Produce Processing 7: Q+A with Katy Blowers

Katy Blowers has been an active member of the produce industry following her graduation from Cal Poly University in 2000 with a bachelor’s degree in... continue reading »

Digi unveils Honeycomb wireless temperature monitoring

Digi International has introduced Digi Honeycomb, a service that continuously and wirelessly monitors the temperature of perishable goods. The monitor... continue reading »

Produce Processing 7: Q+A with Dan Vaché

Dan Vache was born and raised in West Richland, Washington, and graduated from Eastern Washington University with a degree in education. As vice pres... continue reading »

LINKFRESH announces software updates

LINKFRESH recently announced new software enhancements, including catch weight, case management, the incorporation of a global trade item number (GTIN... continue reading »

Key Technology provides new sorting solutions for potato processors

Sorting machinery hasn’t always been tailored to the specific needs of potato processors. Now, due in part to customer requests, Key Technology has ... continue reading »

LINKFRESH schedules four ERP seminars about food

LINKFRESH, a provider of supply chain ERP solutions designed specifically for the fresh food industry, announced that it will host four additional web... continue reading »

Traceability Trends: DNA barcodes and a risk-based model

Tracking and traceability issues have always been important considerations in the produce industry, but because of food safety and inventory control c... continue reading »

Thinking the unthinkable

In a former life, I wrote articles about church leadership and management, including the topic of church security. The experts I interviewed shared in... continue reading »

Predictions for the decade ahead

The final day of the Produce Marketing Association Tech Knowledge conference concluded with what makes these kinds of events so stimulating: predictio... continue reading »